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Friday, March 20, 2015

Sand Valley Landfill Gas to Electricity Facility Named U.S. EPA’s LMOP

For Immediate release
May 30, 2015

Collinsville, AL (March 19, 2015) - Energy Development (ASX ENE), parent company of Nashville based Energy Developments, Inc. (EDI) today announced the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Landfill Methane Outreach Program (LMOP), has selected EDI's Sand Valley Landfill Gas to Electricity Plant as the LMOP Electricity Project of the Year.     

The 4.8 megawatt renewable electricity facility is located on Republic Services' Sand Valley Landfill in Collinsville, AL.  Power from the project is delivered into the Sand Mountain Electric Coop distribution system and sold to the Tennessee Valley Authority. The facility is the largest Landfill Gas to Electricity facility in the state of Alabama.

Landfill gas, which is created when organic material naturally decomposes in a landfill, consists of about 50 percent methane. A reliable and readily available local alternative to fossil fuels, landfill gas can be converted to generate electricity, heat or steam, or used as an alternative vehicle fuel.

"EDI is proud to be partners with Republic Services, Tennessee Valley Authority and Sand Mountain Electric Coop on this award winning project," said Steve Cowman, President and CEO of EDI. "Energy Developments operates 84 projects generating over 900 MW across 3 continents and is a leader in remote and clean energy. We are honored that LMOP has selected this facility for their project of the year."

Our employees are proud to live and work in northeast Alabama, and we are truly committed to   leaving a cleaner and healthier community for future generations," said Gregg Brummer, area president of Republic Services. "Republic is converting landfill-gas-to-energy at over 70 sites nationwide. We are particularly excited about this innovative, landmark project in Alabama. Any time a waste byproduct can be harnessed to produce energy, it's an incredible opportunity."

"We are very proud of Energy Developments' Sand Valley, Landfill Gas to Electricity project being selected by the EPA as the winner of their Landfill Outreach Program's project of the year," said Jimmy Durham, Executive Director of the DeKalb County Economic Development Authority.
"The development of the Sand Valley facility has been a tremendous asset to DeKalb County in promoting sustainability from our resources and industry. The use of existing resources in an emerging field for growth capacity in the generation of electricity is a testament to the great partnership between Energy Developments and Sand Mountain Electric Cooperative," added Mr. Durham.

"We are proud to be a part of this innovative, awarding winning project" said Mike Simpson, General Manager and CEO of Sand Mountain Electric Coop (SMEC).  "We have enjoyed working with EDI and we are happy to have them as members. I believe this partnership will benefit both EDI and SMEC for many years to come," Simpson concluded.

About Energy Developments: 
Energy Developments Limited ABN 84 053 410 263 (EDL) is an international provider of safe, clean, low greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions energy and remote energy solutions. EDL currently owns and operates a diversified international portfolio of power stations in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom and Greece from a range of fuel sources including landfill gas, waste coal mine gas, natural gas and liquefied natural gas. In the year ended 30 June 2014:
  • EDL's worldwide operations produced approximately 3.7 million MWh of energy, enough to power over 600,000 homes; and 
  • EDL's landfill gas power stations around the world, and waste coal mine power stations in Australia abated and avoided approximately 12 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent of GHG emissions, equivalent to removing 3.5 million cars from the road

About Republic Services
Republic Services, Inc. (NYSE: RSG) is an industry leader in U.S. recycling and non-hazardous solid waste.  Through its subsidiaries, Republic's collection companies, recycling centers, transfer stations and landfills focus on providing effective solutions to make proper waste disposal effortless for their commercial, industrial, municipal, residential, and oilfield customers. We'll handle it from here.TM, the brand's tagline, lets customers know they can count on Republic to provide a superior experience while fostering a sustainable Blue PlanetTM for future generations to enjoy a cleaner, safer and healthier world. 


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