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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Rainsville Technology, Inc (RTI) Plant Expansion

Rainsville Technology Incorporated officially broke ground for a plant expansion of over 65,000 sq ft costing $3.5 million dollars.

 This expansion will improve efficiency by relocating and consolidating process and part storage. RTI was represented by Akio Morimoto – RTI President and Shin Sakairi – RTI Executive Vice President. Also attending to show their support and appreciation of Rainsville Technology, Inc. were Alabama State Senator Steve Livingston, Alabama Representative Nathaniel Ledbetter, Rainsville Mayor Nick Jones, Rainsville Mayor Pro-Tem Roger Lingerfelt, Rainsville City Council member Joey Graham, Rainsville Industrial Board Chair D. L. Stiefel, Rainsville Industrial Board member Ralph Hall, DeKalb County Economic Development Authority Executive Director Jimmy Durham, DeKalb County EDA Board Chair Dr. John Anderson, DeKalb County EDA Board member/Sand Mountain Electric Co-op Manager Mike Simpson.

RTI celebrated their 15th anniversary this year and it continues to be an honor not only to Rainsville, but the state of Alabama and DeKalb County that they chose to locate their facility here. They currently have 485 associates who daily give back to the community and are recognized as a great corporate neighbor. This was recognized by Honda when they received the Corporate Citizenship Recognition Award for Honda Suppliers.
2014 Corporate Citizenship Recognition
With this award, Honda recognizes suppliers that demonstrate an exceptional commitment to social responsibility, based on leadership in the areas of health and safety, diversity, community involvement, ethics and compliance, and the environment.
Comments from:
Senator Livingston –We are excited that RTI has chosen Rainsville to make a significant investment in their business! Their capital investment along with the creation of 20 new jobs, shows their continued commitment to their associates and the community.  This will definitely be a boost to our local economy as has their continued investments over the last 15 years.  RTI has always been a great partner for Rainsville and DeKalb County and we look forward to continuing this partnership!
Representative Ledbetter – Being involved in working with RTI's locating in Rainsville as mayor now as State Representative, seeing expansion of the company, it makes me proud of our community and its people for their hard work and dedication in helping make RTI such a strong company, and it shows in their willingness in continuing to invest in our community and its people.

Mayor Jones - "The City of Rainsville is proud to have RTI as one of our corporate citizens.  Already the largest employer in the city, this expansion pushes their employment to over 500.  RTI is a major driver of our local economy and we're excited for them to continue to invest in our community."

Jimmy Durham - We congratulate RTI on this newest expansion of their Rainsville facilities.  Since RTI located in our community they have continued growing and providing award winning products and services to its customer base.  RTI’s success is not only reflected in its products and services, but also its contributions of public service to the local community.  We look forward to working with RTI in the future as they continue to grow and meet market demand.

Front Row – DCEDA Executive Director Jimmy Durham, Representative Nathaniel Ledbetter, Senator Steve Livingston, RTI Executive Vice President Shin Sakairi, RTI President Akio Morimoto, Rainsville Mayor Nick Jones,  Rainsville City Council member Joey Graham.
Back Row – DCEDA Board Member Mike Simpson, Rainsville IDB Chair D.L. Stiefel, DCEDA Board Chairman – Dr. John Anderson, Rainsville City Council Mayor Pro-Tem Roger Lingerfelt and Rainsville IDB Member Ralph Hall.

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